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Outstanding quality for more than 30 years

Many years of experience, our expert knowledge, a heartfelt love for the animals we care for, and our respect for nature enable us to ensure the best quality in all our products.

Each morning the fresh sheep’s milk is being processed to yogurt and different kinds of cheese in our on-site-dairy. Because of its composition, sheep’s milk and sheep’s milk products are easier to digest and more highly tolerated by the human digestive system than cow’s milk, and can often be enjoyed by those who are intolerant to cow’s milk. In addition, sheep’s milk has a higher vitamin content when compared with cow’s milk.

Schafzucht Hautzinger Schafmilchproduktion
Schafzucht Hautzinger Schafmilchproduktion
Schafzucht Hautzinger Schafkäseproduktion

Lamb meat and lamb products are produced on our farm using traditional recipes passed down through the generations. Lamb sausages are being produced in cooperation with a local butchery “Nationalpark-Fleischerei Karlo”.

Schafzucht Hautzinger Würste luftgetrocknet und Schafkäse geräuchert
Leberaufstrich von der Schafzucht Hautzinger
Leberaufstrich und Wurst von der Schafzucht Hautzinger

Since our goal is always to find the most direct route to the customer, our products can be tasted and purchased at our farm. Our products are also available at our carriers.

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Bio-Hofladen Hautzinger

Farm-Shop opening hours:

From March to end of October:

MON – THUR: 8 am – 1 pm
FRI: 8 am – 6 pm
SAT: 8 am – 1 pm

Christa Hautzinger im Bio-Hofladen

From November until the end of February we will open the farm shop by arrangement under  +43 2176 26 93 or +43 699 10 86 26 47!

Schwarzes Lamm Schafzucht Hautzinger


Our products have won various awards that confirm and encourage us in our way of working, such as “Genuss Guide”, “Der Feinschmecker”, “Wieselburger Messe”,  “Alpenländische Lammwurstprämierung Innsbruck”, …

We are especially pleased about being awarded for animal welfare:

“Burgenländischer Tierschutzpreis für besonders tiergerechte Haltung”

Summer break

Our sheep can spend the warm season on the pasture, where they romp around to their heart’s content, graze with pleasure, let the sun shine on their fur or relax comfortably in the shade of the shelter. We look forward to a refreshing summer break! :-)